It’s been an incredible journey over the past 10 years.

I founded Payal Luthra to design beautiful, modern, and timeless garments that – like the family heirlooms that informed my aesthetic – resisted the trends of fast fashion and planned obsolescence. 

Three years ago I decided to place the plight of our planet at the center of my work and Payal Luthra Ecologies was born. We increased our focus on sustainable materials, created partnerships with artisans and handloom weavers throughout India, and expanded our mission to celebrate nature and wildlife in support of conservation.

These efforts have been deeply fulfilling. They form a foundation that will shape all of my future work, because I remain convinced that the fashion industry can be a force for good. There is much to be done to reach that place, however, considering the industry’s current severe impact on the environment, its labor abuses, and the waste at the heart of fast fashion culture. I have now come to believe that it's time to focus exclusively on reshaping the industry itself.

That is why I’m proud to announce that beginning April 1st I will be joining WWF as the next Global Lead for Apparel and Textiles.  

This is not an ending, but a beginning of so much more than I imagined when I founded this company.  For the foreseeable future, I will be tackling these same issues in collaboration with some of the world’s most talented scientists, conservationists, innovators, manufacturers and some of the world’s largest fashion brands, to produce the kind of meaningful reform that is overdue across this industry.

As a designer, I look forward to a day when I can produce a fully sustainable collection made within a circular fashion economy – one where our ecosystems and resources are protected and materials are safely reused – so I’ve decided it's best for the earth and for my daughter’s generation that I put in whatever time is needed to join WWF in bringing about change that respects people and the planet.

Thank you for all your support over the years! 

With endless gratitude,


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