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ECOLOGIES is inspired by the life and beauty of wild places that we have experienced firsthand. Our new mission is to celebrate nature and wildlife through our designs while supporting conservation efforts. 


Our founder, Payal Luthra, has been passionate about wildlife and nature throughout her life. In the last few years she decided she could make the greatest contribution to conservation and preservation by using design to highlight species living in different lands. Her hope is to give you a window onto these fantastic places and the people and animals that otherwise might not cross your path. 

Ecologies, which means the relationships and connections between animals, plants, and people within an ecosystem, celebrates biodiversity. Each collection is based in a different locale around the globe where we have formed partnerships with wildlife organizations. Not only does each design tell a story, but 2% of each purchase supports the efforts of people on the ground working to conserve threatened species.

The first ECOLOGIES collection is the result of a two-year journey that started with laying the groundwork for our new mission; we sourced sustainable materials beyond the responsible cashmere that we are known for, and created partnerships with artisans and handloom weavers throughout India to produce our designs. The next step was researching and visiting the location for the collection, while starting a relationship with a conservation organization that is based there. The final step was creating the designs inspired by Luthra's firsthand experiences.

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We believe in slow fashion. Our entire supply chain is ethical, eco-friendly, and largely made by hand. We are working with handloom weavers, block-printers, hand-embroiderers, and Craftmark-certified enterprises and factories. Our partners ethically employ and support artisans in India, while keeping the exquisite handloom weaving artistry and traditions alive. 

In addition to the luxury neckwear accessories we’re known for, we have items for the home. We are using only 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Responsibly Sourced Wool and Cashmere, and we are continually exploring other sustainable material options. We use only low impact, fiber reactive, and azo free dyes. And are currently exploring natural dyes as well.

Our aim is to use fashion to inspire change, to share the magic of the natural world, raise awareness, and give back to conservation, one design at a time.

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