This scarf is inspired by the Sloth Bear that is found in Ranthambore National Park in India.

Sloth Bears, the Baloo of Kipling’s Jungle Book, have a long, shaggy coat with a whitish “U” mark on their chests. Even in the hot climate, they don’t mind the long coat because it protects them from being bitten by their favorite food — insects! They hunt using their keen sense of smell and can smell bugs that are 3 feet underground. Sloth Bears are vulnerable as they are threatened by habitat loss all over South Asia.

20 in x 70 in

100% Responsibly Sourced Cashmere
Dyes are low impact, fiber reactive, and AZO free

The antibacterial properties of cashmere fibers mean they only require occasional cleaning. Airing your cashmere and a steam press may be enough to keep it clean. If more cleaning is needed we recommend eco or green dry cleaning for woven cashmere.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Tiger Watch, an organization that works to protect and conserve the wildlife of Ranthambore.

Learn more about Sloth Bears at National Geographic's PHOTO ARK.

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