Cashmere is one of the softest, warmest, and most lightweight natural fibers. The best cashmere in the world comes from the Capra hircus goat on the plains of Inner Mongolia in northwestern China.

These goats are of a very special pedigree, as they have adapted to the extreme winter climate of Inner Mongolia where temperatures fall to -40 C. To keep warm, these hardy animals grow an incredibly soft inner coat, the finest grade of cashmere on Earth. During the spring, this cashmere is meticulously combed from the goats by hand as they naturally shed their winter coats.

All the fine cashmere used in our garments come from these goats in Mongolia, and is spun and woven in Northern India.



Woven cashmere items should always be dry cleaned as otherwise they could lose their body. Steaming and steam ironing is also recommended.

It is best to neatly fold cashmere for storage, and to use cedar blocks or lavender satchels in the storage area, as they are natural moth deterrents. One could also fold and store garments in plastic bags to keep them clean and moth free.

Some amount of fiber migration and surface pilling may occur due to the intrinsic nature of the fibers within cashmere. Pilling is a natural occurence on cashmere and wool, and happens when shorter fibers separate from the longer fibers in the yarn. While some amount of pilling is to be expected, we only use fine Mongolian cashmere that consists of the longest fibers, so our cashmere will pill considerably less than other types.