Gingham Project for arts preservation

When we first learned of the KALA RAKSHA Trust in India, we found its mission very dear to our hearts. This non-profit organization was formed to preserve traditional embroidery arts that are threatened by mass-production and commercialization, and to make these crafts economically viable for the artisans.  Beyond developing a great model for income generation, they conduct design workshops for the artisans, health and education workshops, have created micro-credit savings groups, and have now established a textile museum and a Design School.  They are succeeding in their goals, but they continually depend on donors to support their programs, staff, and to sponsor students with scholarships. Although our line of cashmere neckwear is modern in cut and style, we are continually inspired by traditional arts, and re-interpret them into our collections with the master-craftsmanship of artisans like those that are part of Kala Raksha.  We believe in keeping these traditions alive, and to offer our support we have designed a limited collection of summer scarves with 20% of the proceeds benefiting Kala Raksha.  For this project we decided to use cotton instead of cashmere, in homage to India's rich traditions of cotton production, and the classic yet timeless pattern of gingham.  Hand-embroidered rosettes by Indian artisans are subtly scattered upon the fabric, and bring a fresh contrast to the geometric gingham field. Available for a limited time only, so shop now and help preserve the craft of traditional artisans!